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WEB 101

Web Development encompasses a wide range of career opportunities. Web Developers build and deploy software on the web. 

Course Outline

In this unit, you will learn a little bit ablout the history of the web  and how the internet works. Then, we will delve into the nitty gritty of the web technology components that make up the web as we know today. In the end, the goal is help you famililarize yourself with the web technologies that we developers use to bubild the apps we enjoy using on a daily basis.

This section introduces you to web development as a career and tools used by the professional web developers.

First thing first. Before we can go deeper into web development, we need to set the stage and talk about the essential tools we need as web developers to do our job. This section explains important topics in layman's terms, so that the student knows how things work.

In this unit, you get to install and play with the tools used in web development. At the end of this unit, you will work on a required project designed to help you familiarize yourself with the web developer's tools and techniques so that you can master your career as web developer.

Become A Software Developer

Our major goal is to inspire a generation of computer coders and equip them the right tools they need to go to work in the high-tech industry. With this in mind, We put together a rigorous training program that simulates a real life workplace .

The Most Popular Web Technologies

In this course, you learn wha Web Developers for living in the real-life scenario. We will cover from the basics to the advanced technologies used in Web Development. We teach you to code as well as land your first job as a Web Developer. Technologies you’ll learn include but not limited to:

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