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React JS

One of the most powerful, widely used JavaScript frontend frameworks

React Explained

What's React And How We Can Use It

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React is a popular JavaScript library (framework) for frontend web development. It’s not the only JS framework out there, but it is very popular among the professional web developers today.

Course Outline

This course will walk you through React, from very basic concepts to advanced levels. As per our usual curriculum requirement, each course comes with practical step-by-step examples and projects that the students work on as they progress through each career track. This course is not offered as a standalone. It builds upon and plays with the other courses in the track.

The goal in this section is to help you familiarize yourself with the basic concepts in React and prepare you for the advanced topics that will come as we progress along in our journey of mastering React, the frontend of choice for most web developers out there in the wild today. You will learn concepts like, components, state, handle inputs, render list, so on and so forth. We’ll delve into DOM manipulation and routing deeper later in the upcoming sections. As usual At the end of the section as per our course requirement, we'll work on some hands-on projects that will enable us to practice what we've learned in the previous lessons and sections.


In this section, we’ll cover some important concepts in React, without which you struggle grasping React. It's impor ant that you pay attention to methods and their lifecycle in  React, so that you can render React components. We will also touch on HOOKS and their role in React. Once you master these essential parts of this course, you will be able to go deeper in advanced topics in React, which is what’s coming in the next few sections, so hang in there with us.


In this section, we will learn about routing in React.  You will need to set up routing for applications with multiple pages to handle navigation properly. For this to happen, we will need to use a React package called React-router-dom. We’ll conclude this section with our customary hands-on project. This time, we will build a shopping cart application, using React as the frontend framework with the routing package for navigation.


If you have stayed with us up to this point, you’re now ready to take on some interesting concepts that will take your React knowledge to the next level. In this section, we’ll cover advanced topics like, JSON, ASYNC, Working with APIs, Redux, and much much more. To finish off the section in style, you’ll get to build a Weather application and deploy it in the Cloud as part of the required project that comes at the end of each section. You’ll also learn how to test your and debug your application in the proper professional way like the Pros do.


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