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Node Js

Learn how to build full stack JS application with Node/Express

Course Outline

Node Js is an open source runtime backend JavaScript environment. Node is a very popular backend solution widely used in web development. This course walks you through Node, from basic to advanced in a practical step-by-step approach.

Node has been growing in popularity since its inception. Loads of applications have been built in JavaScript using Node (fondly known as Node Js) as the backend platform. In this chapter, we will go over what Node is and how it’s used in building modern applications for both web and mobile.

Express (known as Express Js) is a Node Js framework. It has become the framework of choice for most Node Js developers. In this chapter, you will learn the best practice when building with Express. You will also work on projects, building some functional applications in JavaScript using Node/Express for backend.

This chapter introduces you to the authentication/security implementation side of things. We’ll touch on a few key important points when it comes to user authentication and security-related features in your application. 

APIs play an important role in software engineering. Application Programming Interface (API) is widely used in modern applications today. In this chapter, you will master APIs and build applications with them, following the industry best practices and guidelines.

Career Road map

Learning Outcome

We don’t teach individual courses as standalone. Each and every course we offer here in our academy is part of a career track training program designed to prepare the student for hire upon graduation. Hence, Node Js is the backend environment for full stack JavaScript training programs.

Train For Hire

Train For Hire We train our students for a career in software development.

Career Coaching

Our goal is to help them find high paying remote software developer positions in the shortest period of time.

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Build a working professional

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Connect with career networking groups across the globe and advance your career to the next level

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