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This is a comprehensive career path for Web Development. It’s a Full Stack Web Dev that covers both backend and frontend of web development. In this course, you will learn how to build and deploy modern web apps using the latest technologies like, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React for frontend and Node.js for backend. 

This is a year-long full time program that will develop you from a newby to a professional web developer. It is a rigorous  hands-on training program that will prepare you for a real life career as a web developer. You will build dozens of fully functional web applications as part of the required curriculum coursework for graduation.

Upon graduation,; you will receive your certificate of completion, but that’s not all. Our mission is to help you realize your career goals. As part of this training program, our professional career advisors will work with you. They will help you prepare your resume and interview readiness.

We have a flexible schedule for those who are busy working. You can take it as a part-time job and it’s still a chief career goal. Web Developer is a highly rewarding modern career field with high demand. Especially now that big tech companies are hiring global workforce to work from home, it’s a perfect opportunity for those who are struggling to find employment opportunities in countries like Somalia.

It takes only $450 plus one year commitment to go from a complete newbie to a pro in software development and that’s what’s possible here. this is a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in starting a highly rewarding career with plenty of work from home opportunities available worldwide

Become a remote software developer

You select the career path that fits your passion and ambition


You work and collaborate with a team of students and instructor to build dozens of real functional software applications

Free Career coaching

From day one, our advisors work with you in preparing for a real job as a remote software developer upon graduation?

Our major goal is to inspire a generation of computer coders and equip them the right tools they need to go to work in the high-tech industry. With this in mind, We put together a rigorous training program that simulates a real life workplace . Our students work together like coworkers, building and deploying real software applications in the Cloud. Our classes are completely offered online with real life streaming sessions. We have a free advisory as part of our training program to help prepare the students for job interviews.

Himilo Academy Of Science & Technology