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Course Outline

In this unit, you will learn a little bit ablout the history of the web  and how the internet works. Then, we will delve into the nitty gritty of the web technology components that make up the web as we know today. In the end, the goal is help you famililarize yourself with the web technologies that we developers use to bubild the apps we enjoy using on a daily basis.

This chapter explains what HTML is about and relationship HTML and CSS. The goal is basically help you understand the foundation of the web as we know.

Now that you learned little about HTML and CSS, we delve deeper into the interworks of the frontend technology and start using our developer tools to build some basic web pages.

As part of every section in this course, every student is required to complete a practical project, building and deploying real functional web applications in the Cloud.

Careers In Web Development

Choose a highly rewarding career and start working from anywhere.

Node Js

Node is a very popular backend for JavaScript. It's what powers lots of web apps that we encounter in our everyday activities. Backend developers focus on the server side while the front end developer takes care of the frontend of the application.

Full Stack Web Dev

Full stack web developers are well versed in both frontend and backend of web development. Our project-based program was designed to teach the students both sides of web development, so that they can prepare for any path their career may take them going forward.


HTML stands for hypertext markup language. It is the markup that contains all the real stuff that a website page has. All the content on this page you’re browsing right now lives inside HTML tags that let your program know how to arrange the content on the page.

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