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If you are looking for a high-paying job, then you might want to consider a career and software development. Not only does this give you an opportunity to earn good income, it also gives you flexibility when it comes to working remotely. There is a high demand for software engineers to work from home. If you have never done any coding before, Don’t worry. We will teach you everything you need to know to start your career as a software developer in a very short time and even help you land your first job.


You get to work with a group of students like coworkers, building and deploying real software applications in the Cloud.​

Actionable Skills

You learn real skills that lead you to a real job opportunity in the high tech industry upon graduation.

Free Career coaching ​

As part of our comprehensive curriculum, our career advisors work with you from day-one to help prepare you for gainful employment right after graduation.​

Affordable Tuition

We only charge $300 annual fee for the services we provide, including free career coaching. Payment can be split into two upfront payments of $150 for each six month period.

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About Us!

This is a coding boot camp that serves Somali speaking students. However, any student can basically sign up for our training programs since all our courses are given in English.

Mukhtar Mohamud

Our Mission

Please remember, our mission is to inspire a new generation of computer coders who will build transformative software applications. Though we charge you small fee for our services, we’re going to make a significant investment in your future and, therefore, expect you to do your part by completing all the required coursework successfully.

A Curriculum Designed to Put people to work!

Our major goal is to inspire a generation of computer coders and equip them the right tools they need to go to work in the high-tech industry. With this in mind, We put together a rigorous training program that simulates a real life workplace .

The student who successfully completes the course-work receives a free certificate in a week as part of our curriculum.

Explore Our Courses

We don’t teach courses individually. We follow a wholestic approach when it comes teaching coding. In order to graduate, the student must finish the entire course-work covered in each track with all the projects required.

Web Development

Learn the basic building blocks of the web with simple steps

JavaScript Fundamentals

This course walks you through JavaScript with practical examples

Node.js for backend

This course builds on JavaScript and the Web Fundamentals

Get started with your web developer in just one year!

Plenty of work from hom opportutiies are available for those who know how to code

We are here to help you get started today

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